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Longview Rental Home

About Our Rental Vacation Home in Longview, WA

This vacation rental home includes about 50 acres and has been in our family for the last 73 years. 

The house was originally a small cabin and the house as it stands was built in two phases. In the first phase, the cabin was lived in while the first half was built. In the second phase, the new structure was moved into while the second half was built. There is abundant wildlife on the property with deer, elk, bear with the occasional cougar. It is not unusual to see bald eagles flying down the creek and red-tailed hawks flying over the field looking for a new meal.

Free wi-fi internet is included with your stay.

History of Abernathy Creek

Abernathy Creek is about 10 miles long. The creek is well-known for summer and fall Steelhead runs. Abernathy Creek was named for Alexander Abernathy, the brother of George Abernathy an Oregon pioneer. George built a mill down the highway at Oak Point before 1850 and worked with his brother Alexander. Alexander was granted 636.87 acres by the Federal government under the 1850 Oregon-Donation Act. In the 1858 tax survey, it depicted a small store on the right side of the mouth of Abernathy Creek road and Abernathy’s house was upstream. At one point Abernathy Creek was named “Nisqually Creek”.

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